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- Retrofitting
- Individual upgrades can now be purchased through the myAudi app.
- Audi Digital Twin: The vehicle profile is the ideal supporting tool for selling your vehicle.
- With Plug & Charge, you can automatically activate compatible charging stations without a charging card or app.
- During route calculation, potential charging stops are shown on a map overview.
- Bug fixes

The myAudi app (1) helps connect your Audi with your daily routine and can bring more driving comfort into your life through innovative functions and services.

With an active Audi connect (2) trial or subscription on eligible vehicles, you can access your vehicle's real-time information, and help keep abreast of your vehicle’s status (3), fuel level, estimated driving range, and lots more. Use your app to conveniently plan trips and send routes and destinations directly to your vehicle. Even climate control, as well as locking and unlocking your vehicle doors, can be operated via the app. (Depending on the model and the equipment packages of your Audi, availability of features and services may vary.)


Audi connect (2) services include features such as:
• Access to important vehicle data such as fuel level, estimated driving range, or oil level — directly on your mobile device
• Lock and unlock your vehicle remotely (4)
• Explore other features like speed alerts, geofencing, and valet alerts (5)
• Give your family, friends, or colleagues access to your Audi
• Send destinations and routes from your compatible mobile device to your vehicle
• Plan your routes, including walking route, to your vehicle
• Access contacts, addresses, and your calendar from your vehicle
• Schedule a service appointment with your preferred dealer and keep an eye on maintenance needs (6)
• Access your digital owner's manual via the app
• Keep track of your trips in the mileage tracker

You must register on myAudi to use the Audi connect services. Certain services require the completion of a key user contract for full access. The availability of services may vary, depending on the model and equipment of your Audi. The myAudi app is provided by the importer for the applicable market. See the app legal notice for details about the importer.
Some functions depend on third-party providers and may not be available without restrictions at all times or in every country. We recommend a flat-rate high-speed data package to use our services – the applicable costs depend on your contract with the network operator. If you do not have a fast enough data connection, you may not get the full benefit of the features. Please also note any data volume restrictions imposed by your mobile service provider.

Running GPS continuously in the background can reduce the battery life.

Please note:
(1) Message and data rates apply.
(2) Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. Audi connect should only be used when it is safe and appropriate. Audi connect services and features are optional, provided with the support of authorized affiliated and third party service providers, and may require additional subscriptions with separate terms and conditions. Available on select models. Certain services collect location information, see Terms of Service for information about how to disable and for other details. Google Earth features will not be available after December 2020 for Model Year 2018 & prior vehicles. Google Earth is a trademark of Google Inc. Connect services are subject to technologies remaining commercially available, such services are not guaranteed, and may not be available after 2021 for equipped MY17-20 vehicles.
(3) Refer to your vehicle’s warning and indicator lights for the most current diagnostic information. Always consult owner’s manual for maintenance guidelines.
(4) Remote Lock/Unlock not available on vehicles with a removable SIM card and Audi A3 models.
(5) Message and data rates apply. Only view alerts when it is safe and appropriate. Always pay careful attention to the road and do not drive while distracted.
(6) Always consult owner’s manual for maintenance guidelines.


This release comes in several variants (we currently have 2). Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you.

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December 1, 2021
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