Xiaomi Wear is an application that integrates the sports data and health services of smart wearable devices, providing users with a professional and ultimate user experience, and creating an intimate personal health assistant.

【Provides 10 workout types】
Running, cycling, climbing, and other sports are supported on Xiaomi Wear. During each workout session, your data will be collected precisely. You can view the daily, weekly and monthly data details easily, and set personal goals based on your practical performance.

【Monitors & analyzes your sleep sessions】
Generates a private sleep quality report for you every day by analyzing your deep, light, and REM sleep sessions. It helps you build good sleep habits.

【Reminds you of key events】
You can allow app notifications and set event reminders on Xiaomi Wear, and view them on your devices. For example, you can receive and read SMS messages on your watch, so you won’t miss anything that is important.

From version Xiaomi Wear 2.3.1i:

Xiaomi Wear has been redesigned to give more info at a glance. You can now:
· see how well your body copes in one convenient place,
· keep tabs on the daily details and health trends over time,
· track your workout progress even without your watch.

Latest: 1.1.44 on June 19, 2020
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