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v5.3.2 rc-12:
- New and improved animations and UX flows
- New Edit Drawer screen lets you organise your Home Screen quickly and easily
- Patched to retain individual Tile configurations
- Crash & bug fixes and performance improvements

The ultimate smartphone experience. Improve your focus and supercharge your productivity.

🔝"One of the best apps released in 2020." - Android Police

☑️ "This premium Android launcher makes your smartphone less addictive." - Yanko Design

🆒 "This feels like the opposite of most launchers, a sort of “anti-Launcher”" - 9To5Google

Ratio is a home screen app that ensures you have control of your phone, and not the other way around. Less digital distraction. More focus, mindfulness, and productivity.

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🔲 Tiles
Your apps. Organized like never before.
Organize your apps into Drawers that work with your lifestyle. Or let Ratio auto-categorize your apps for you into categories such as: Productivity, Creativity, Finance, Entertainment, etc.
Pin the most important apps to the Dock for quick access.
Time tracker to limit time spent on apps. An App Lock to maintain privacy on your phone. And an App Hider to remove apps from your home screen.

🌱 Root
All the Ratio widgets & essentials of your phone, just one swipe away
We've created custom Ratio widgets that integrate your everyday tasks:
Calendar Widget, News, Media Player, Notes, Weather Widget,
Events, Search, Calculator, Currency, Timer, Phone Settings, and more always in development.

📨 Conversations
Your favorite messaging platforms. All in one inbox..
Conversations organizes all your messages from Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Signal, SMS into one screen. (Many more apps to be integrated.)
Stay on top of your social and professional lives without distraction. No more endless switching between apps find your messages. Prioritize your focus and productivity.

Ratio Background Modes
We created modes for every situation.
🕶️ Dark mode: Inspired by our original BllocMode designed back in 2016, this theme balances both contrast and performance.
🔦 Light mode By popular demand, we're making Ratio bright and translucent for the first time. Match the time of day with our new light theme.
🧘 Focus mode: A visual theme that replaces gradients and solid colors for thin lines. This mode saves battery with a more uniform UI without any accents.
☀️ Sun mode: This mode was created to give you the best possible contrast in bright environments and even direct sunlight.

🔎 Universal Search
Find everything directly from your home screen: apps, shortcuts, quick actions, contacts, and web search. Lightning quick to boost your productivity and keep your focus.

Ratio Memberships
We will never show you ads or sell your data. This goes against our principles, and our ambition to change the industry. Try Ratio for 7 days for free, and begin your productivity and mindfulness journey.


Safety First
Your privacy is more important than ever. We take measures to keep it that way.
Local: No personal information leaves your device
Ratio features are all mobile-first enabled, no cloud processing for any feature, no 3rd party services.
Your personal data stays locally on your device.
Privacy: You decide what permissions to give
Ratio gives you full control over the data it can process with a simple UI to fully revoke access however and whenever you see fit. Transparency like never before.
Encrypted: For your eyes only
We use state-of-the-art asymmetric 256-bit RSA-based dual encryption to protect your data. We have no master key. You and only you should have access to your data.

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5.3.2 APK
January 21, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 8.1+
5.3.2 APK
February 2, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 8.1+
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