New widgets: Dynamic Spacer (PRO) - to improve dashboard layout, Image Animation (PLUS) - to play GIF/APNG animations, Lottie Animation (PRO) - to play Lottie animations.
Device search across the current organization and its sub-orgs
Improved Widgets: WebPage Button now supports URL property changes; Image Gallery can be reset to an empty state if the received value is out of its bounds.
Lots of other improvements and fixes: improved widgets' resize, organization switch ux, crash fixes, etc

Drag-n-drop IoT app builder

Need a user-friendly and nice-looking app for your connected product or IoT project? See why 500,000+ developers and businesses love Blynk drag-n-drop mobile app builder!

Blynk is a simple and powerful no-code application builder where you can prototype, deploy, and manage connected electronic devices at any scale - from your personal projects to millions of products used by your clients.
Connect your hardware like ESP32, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Seeed, Particle, SparkFun, Adafruit, TI, and others to the cloud and use a wide variety of widgets like buttons, sliders, charts, etc. to build a user interface to visualize sensor data and control any electronics.
Starting up with Blynk is super easy. You can see your first results in 5 minutes!

Ready for end-users

Blynk is also a very user-friendly IoT app for anyone else. Once devices are activated, users can:

• Easily connect supported devices
• Remotely control supported devices from anywhere in the world
• Add and control multiple devices with a single app
• Receive real-time push and email notifications
• Create Automations: Make devices smarter by creating scenarios for one or between multiple devices. Based on device state, day, time, sunset or sunrise, and more.
• Manage access to devices by other people
• Interact with voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home

Blynk app is only a part of the most popular Blynk IoT platform which covers all your IoT software needs. It’s built by developers for developers and earned 3,200+ GitHub stars, so you know you’re signing up for a forever-improving system. Blynk libraries are top-rated by IoT communities like Arduino, Particle, and others.

Here is what you get when you sign up:

• Free Cloud, hosted, secure, and ready to listen to your devices
• Blynk.Edgent, our OPEN-SOURCE hardware library which supports over 400 hardware development boards including ESP32, Arduino, Particle, Texas Instruments boards, Seeed WIO terminal, and many others.
• Blynk.360 - powerful web portal to manage devices, users, and organizations
• Device WiFI provisioning
• Any sensor data visualization
• Remote control of any electronic appliances
• Firmware over-the-air updates
• Smart Alerts and notifications
• Shared access to devices
• Data analytics
• Asset tracking
• and so much more

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1.8.0 APK
March 30, 2023
Android 5.0+
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Blynk IoT 1.10.1
June 2, 2023


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Blynk IoT 1.10.0
May 28, 2023


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Blynk IoT 1.9.1
May 17, 2023


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Blynk IoT 1.9.0


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Blynk IoT 1.8.1
April 7, 2023


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Blynk IoT 1.8.0
March 30, 2023


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Blynk IoT 1.7.6
January 25, 2023


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Blynk IoT 1.7.5
January 19, 2023


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Blynk IoT 1.7.4
December 14, 2022


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Blynk IoT 1.7.3
December 11, 2022


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