Whether you want to move around the city in a cab, order private car rides or send your things from one area of the city to the other, Cabify is your transportation and mobility app. And without giving up the most important thing: the safety and quality of your trips.

Cabify, the safe transportation option for your trips. Reach your destination in a premium cab or private car.

How does it work?

1. Reserve or request your car or taxi ride. Indicate where you are located and select your destination, as well as the type of transportation you want to use: Cabify, cab or delivery.

2. Confirm your request to order a trip and that's it! We will provide you with the details of the car or taxi and the driver, either for a trip or for a delivery.

3. Get to know the estimated price before traveling. We will tell you how much you will pay for your car or cab ride. In addition, you can select the payment method that you prefer: debit card, credit card or cash.

4. Share your journey. Send the details of your trip to family and friends so that they know where you are at all times and make you feel even safer.

In addition, you will always move with maximum safety measures. All users - drivers and passengers - must travel with face masks, the cars and cabs are cleaned and ventilated frequently and have a divider panel.

What are the advantages of traveling with Cabify?

🚘 The safety of your trips is our priority. All trips are geolocated and can be shared immediately with any family member or friend. They will be able to see which taxi or car you are in, which driver you are with, and even where you are in your trip.

🚘 Easy to use. You will be faster than Usain Bolt ordering a cab ride or making a delivery.

🚘 Delivery. We don't just move you, we move your stuff too. Our drivers will take what you want from one place to another in their cars or motorcycles.

🚘 More options for you. Because we know you don't always travel the same way, we have free cars and cabs for every occasion. Cabify for your day-to-day trips, Taxi to get there as soon as possible, or Delivery to receive what you want.

🚘 Carbon neutral trips. We offset all the CO2 emissions generated by your trips with Cabify. Choose a transportation option that thinks about the environment!

🚘 The best drivers. At Cabify we have the most selective criteria accepting car or cab drivers.

🚘 No surprises. We show the price before you request a trip. This way you can travel with the peace of mind of knowing how much you are going to pay.

🚘 100% customization. You decide how to move. Choose from the payment method that best suits you to what beat you want to play on your radio.

🚘 For everyone. Cabify's app is accessible for people with sight impairments, and we have accessibility settings for people with disability.

Where is Cabify available?

Cabify is now available in 8 countries so you can get around by car or cab. Order your taxi driver in cities like Bogota, Lima, Madrid or Buenos Aires and start enjoying more transportation options with the leading taxi app: car rides, motorcycle deliveries, airport cabs, and more. Get to know all the services available in each city at cabify.com.

In Cabify we improve every day by integrating new apps and services like Easy Taxi & Easy Tappsi, so you can move wherever you want freely and safely

Want to use Cabify for drivers and become a taxi driver?

If you're passionate about helping others discover your city, download Cabify Driver.

Looking for corporate transportation for your company?

Offer the best transportation app to your employees. Open a corporate account to have a large fleet of cars and cabs available for your company's trips and deliveries. In addition, our management platform will allow you to have greater control of expenses.

Download Cabify, your car or taxi transportation app and move or send whatever you want around your city.

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