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* Do you have numbers saved without a name? Now CallApp can update these contacts for you!
* As you know we recently came out with the Call Recorder. This version comes with improvements to the call recorder along with overall app stability.
* You can now record all your incoming & outgoing calls with one click, manage them, save them on your device or share them via email & social media.

CallApp Is a Useful Free Caller ID & Call Recorder App For Android, Trusted By Millions To Know Who The True Caller Is Behind Unknown Calls!

Block Caller ID - Record phone calls with the Call Recorder, block numbers, robocalls & nuisance calls, blacklist numbers, identify unknown numbers, manage your social contact book, phone number lookup, social dialer & always know who's

📞 Top 10 rated app in over 40 countries! 📞

📞 #45 most downloaded app in Google Play! 📞

CallApp Caller ID was named one of the world’s best Communication Applications for it's advanced Caller ID, Spam Call Blocker, and Call Recorder App!

Find out who's calling you using the most advanced Caller ID, Call Blocker
& call recorder app in the world! Record & block calls, blacklist telemarketing numbers that you want to avoid from scammers, spam or sales calls in just a tap! Unknown numbers are blocked in just one tap!

The new Call Recorder feature has the ability to work with regular phone
calls, speakerphone, Handset and Bluetooth as well as producing high quality recordings! Record calls in the highest quality!

Recording calls has never been so easy - Choose between automatic recording
or manual recording. You can save your call recordings in a favorite folder
and even limit the number of phone calls you want to record! Share your recordings on social media: Linkedin, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Gmail, SMS and more!

With one of the largest database of numbers in the market, CallApp will
block phone calls, record your calls & let you know who the true caller is
behind the phone call. CallApp can even block all unknown phone calls!

CallApp Features:

★ Automatic Call Recorder - Record incoming phone calls and outgoing phone calls with
ease using our new & useful call recording feature! Record calls in the highest quality! Save your call recordings in 6 different formats! Share your recordings on social media: Linkedin, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Gmail, SMS and more!

★ Who's calling me - Free caller ID that can identify unknown callers,
block caller ID & spam call blocker, call block. Always know who is the real
caller and when the caller is spam! Even block spam sms messages!

★ Real Caller ID- Automatically know who’s the true caller behind each call, see when your friends are calling including a picture of them, and block unwanted calls that are spam or unknown numbers.

★ Phone Number Lookup - Search for any phone number or place with our smart
search system and dial your favorite friends using our dialer. Works as a Reverse Phone Number Lookup as well!

★ T9 dialer & social contacts app - CallApp has an easy to use T9 dialer that
helps you call your favorite contacts. Manage your calls & contact list
using our Caller ID & Call Recording app!

★ Blacklist Numbers – Add spam calls, phone numbers, and contacts from your
phonebook to a blacklist! Easily blacklist any number with just a tap!

★ CallApp+ - Identify and block unknown numbers from Instant Messaging Social Media Chat apps such as Whatsapp, Viber etc. See all of CallApp’s phone number identification on one screen.

★ Full Contact ID- See the true caller‘s name, photo, birthday, social media (Linkedin, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), email, address book & more.

★ Social Contacts - Automatically update your phone book with photos & info
from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter & more.

★ Control Your Info & Customize - Change your image and contact information
that will appear in your friend’s address book. Choose from dozens of themes and covers and customize your phonebook appearance.

ALL IN ONE - CallApp is the best call blocker, caller ID and call recorder app on Google play! Join millions of people today who are already blocking phone numbers and seeing who’s calling every phone call!


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November 12, 2017
Android 4.1+
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