* Backup with CallApp - Save all your files in just a click!
* Personalized covers - Create your very own in-app covers!
* Who Viewed My Profile - See who’s checking you out!
* Personalized calling analytics! - A detailed breakdown of all your calling patterns!
* Improved call recordings - Use our recording test to ensure the highest quality
* Create and share your very own video ringtones!

CallApp is the leading Caller ID app across the globe & Top-Rated Call Recorder app by Tech Magazines. A Caller ID, Free Call Recording & Robocall Blocker trusted by 100 Million users to block robocalls & know the Caller ID. Identify calls & SMS using our robocall & spam call blocker.

Block Caller ID – Know who’s calling you using free unknown caller ID, robocall blocker & spam messages.

Phone Call Recorder - Automatically record a call! Call Recording is available to callers on Android 8+.

CallApp Caller ID, Call Recorder & Robocall Block Features:
★ Who called me? – Reverse phone lookup, block caller ID app that identifies unknown calls & unknown numbers. A call blocker that can block spam calls and know the caller behind the number!
★ Automatic Call Recorder – Recording calls is easy! Record incoming & record outgoing phone calls! Call App has quality recording calls! Call recordings can be used on any android phone. Record any type of phone call with the best automatic call recorder for Android.
★ Caller ID App – Know the call ID from each phone call! Automatically Block calls that are spam calls or scam & unknown numbers from robocalls. Find out who called you and block unwanted caller id
★Video Ringtones - Customize your incoming caller screen with videos. Display videos as ringtone.
★ CallApp is available on WEAR OS
★ Dialer & Contacts app - Manage your incoming and outgoing calls using our free caller ID, spam call blocker, call recordings & dialer app!
★ Blacklist numbers – add spam calls, block numbers & contacts from your phone book or dialer to our free caller id & call recorder app. Blacklist a phone number & never get robocalls from unknown callers again! Use the phone number search to see “who called me” & calls blacklist the spam number you wish to block.
★ Contacts – See the caller’s ID, name, photo, number lookup, number locator, birthday, social media, email address book & phone book.
★ Contacts Info & Customize – Customize your address book, caller ID, dialer, call recorder & all of Call App. Choose between different themes to make your calling experience even better! ★ CallApp+ - WhatsApp Caller ID: Identify calls from IM Social Media Apps & SMS.
★ Incognito calls - Ultimate Call Privacy. Whether it's for business or personal use, incognito calls can help you! Privacy for all your calls!
★ Communicate better than ever & in ZERO time with the WEAR OS x CallApp integration

We do not sell, share data with any third party application and/or organization.

Upgrade CallApp caller ID & call recorder and enjoy premium features: - No ads - Video Ringtones

CallApp Support: support@callapp.com

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October 22, 2021
Android 5.0+
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