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- This release improves overall performance and stability.
For documentation about new features, see What's new in Citrix SSO for Android release notes at

1. This release supports only devices running Android 7.0 or higher.
2. Citrix SSO now enforces stricter hostname verification.

Citrix SSO enables secure access to business critical applications, virtual desktops, and corporate data from anywhere at any time, providing an optimal user experience with the Citrix Gateway

Secure Access Features:

• Full layer 3 SSL connectivity to Citrix Gateway
• Per-app connection flexibility (Provisioning support through MDM systems)
• Android Enterprise managed configuration support
• Always-On connection support with client certificate on Android 7.0+
• Multi-factor authentication support with client certificate
• Seamless session maintenance during network changes
• Multi-language support
• Built-in support for emailing logs

One Time Passcode (OTP) Features:

• One Time Password generator using TOTP protocol
• Add/Manage OTP Tokens using QR Code
• Second Factor authentication using Push Notifications
• Multi Factor authentication with fingerprint support on Android 6.0+


Credentialed access to a Citrix Gateway installation with release 10.5 or later. Please contact your organization’s IT group for connection information.


- English, German, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese

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2.4.15 APK
March 16, 2021
Android 7.0+
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