*Added campaign mode-fight evil monsters and receive amazing prizes in the new campaign mode
*Added more inventory slots
*Bug fixes and improvements

Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience, Duels is a high energy RPG PVP game, but with a difference… the unique auto-battle system means anybody can play. Choose your favorite character and prepare for battle!

Immerse yourself in the medieval game environment. Enjoy the simple but addictive gameplay, with epic music and great visuals. Fight against millions of other players in competitive leagues. Start creating or join a Clan and become the ultimate Hero!
Want to challenge yourself further? Enter the Dungeons at your peril and fight your way through hordes of cool monsters.
Unlock chests to access special gear and pulverize your enemies! Use all your strategy skills to access unique advanced items and upgrade your character as you progress. Equip your Hero with the best loot, but make sure you choose wisely…


🛡️ PVP Action - fight against real players worldwide and become the No.1 Hero for your Clan. Great community environment!

🛡️ A challenging RPG with an extra dimension. Use your strategy skills to access unique advanced items. Personalize and upgrade your Hero by advancing in different leagues. Retrieve the best loot and arm your fighter for victory.

🛡️ Set in a medieval environment with inspiring desert, forest and jungle landscapes. High action settings with intense warfare ambiance.

🛡️ Select your paladin, warrior, etc. and customize your character with 1,000s of items – Unlock the best shields, weapons and body armor and defeat your opponent in challenging Duels. Become the ultimate Hero!

🛡️ Gain special weapon skills for in-fight bonuses, inflict more damage and defeat the giant Monsters in the Dungeons. Use skills such as Meteor, Ice Wall and Poison Punches to annihilate your enemies once and for all.

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0.8.2 APK
May 29, 2019
Android 4.4+
0.8.2 APK
May 29, 2019
Android 4.4+
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