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1.Optimized app performance and features to improve the overall user experience.

2.Performance improvements and bug fixes

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Be your own boss and make your own schedule

Sign up as a Courier on DiDi Delivery and make food deliveries in your spare time, generating additional income. Available in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

At DiDi Delivery, you can choose your means of transportation. You can make deliveries on foot, bicycle, or scooter to generate more extra income.

Simple and fast sign-up process
Create your account now, upload your identification documents, and we will verify your identity at DiDi Courier Center. Go online and start accepting orders and earning money with DiDi Delivery.

DiDi Delivery has your back
For us at DiDi Delivery, the safety of every delivery person is a priority. That's why the trips that the couriers make to make food deliveries through the app have insurance coverage specially designed for deliveries. Plus, our easy-to-use navigation system also makes pickup and delivery a snap.

As a Courier Partner at DiDi Delivery, you can get:

Insurance coverage: All takeout deliveries have coverage that is active from the time the Delivery Partner accepts an order through the DiDi Food app and up to 45 minutes after the food deliveries.

Unlimited earnings: Generate profits by offering your services in your free time and at the times you prefer. Delivery targets are easy to reach; you also have the opportunity to generate additional earnings through rewards programs.

Smart navigation: Accepting orders is extremely simple, as the system sends order requests, combines them and plans suggested routes for fast delivery automatically.

Direct feedback for troubleshooting delivery issues: Hassle-free food delivery: any delivery issues with stores or customers can be quickly reported to DiDi through the app.

Profit tracking and quick withdrawal options: The app includes a clear summary of your earnings and a detailed order history. There is no transaction fee.

What are you waiting for to deliver with DiDi Delivery?

Earn additional cash with takeout deliveries. Tons of orders and generous rewards make it easy to earn. The more effort you put in, the more cash you take home! At DiDi, we take care of our couriers and have your best interests at heart. In our no-pressure team, couriers aren't just partners, but members of one big family. You can take pride knowing you're bringing real value to the table — and getting rewarded for your effort.

Questions about DiDi Delivery? Check www.didi-food.com/es-MX/delivery or contact us at soporte.tienda@mx.didiglobal.com and 01 800 801 6888

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2.0.66 APK
February 13, 2023
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 5.0+
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