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The DIRECTV Remote app lets you control DIRECTV HD receivers in your home that are connected to Internet, right from your phone.

** Disclaimer/ Requirements: DIRECTV HD Receiver and Android phone running OS 6.0 or later are required.


• Use your phone to change channels, pause, fast forward, rewind and record your favorite shows… just like you do with other DIRECTV remote controls!
• The Mini Guide feature within the app allows you to preview programming on your phone and then switch it to your TV screen without interruption!
• Use the app to control every HD receiver in your home!
• The app will let you know when a receiver is detected.
• The Play/Pause button allows you to pause what you’re watching when you receive an incoming call and resume watching when you are finished talking.

Follow these steps to ensure your DIRECTV HD receivers are set up properly before using the remote app.
1. Press the MENU button on your standard DIRECTV remote control.
2. Select Settings & Help > Settings > Whole-Home > External Device
3. Set “External Access” and “Current Program” to: Allow

Please note: The DIRECTV Remote app requires a Wi-Fi connection to your home network and a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR (models R22, Genie, HR20 or higher) connected to the same network. The DIRECTV Remote app is also compatible with HD receivers (models C31 and higher)

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