A ton of new things with version 2.10
- Search your photos and albums
- Automatic back-up to your clouds for PRIME subscribers
- A new bottom bar navigation, all screens in full screen
- Improved performance for the list of albums

Piktures is a simple gallery app with very advanced features. It supports dozens of cloud services such as Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive, your personal cloud servers (WebDav), your SD Card, USB stick and even your computer!

- “Piktures: A Feature-Rich Photo Management Android App” – Guiding Tech

- “Piktures, a great gallery alternative for your Android phone” – ITB

Piktures lets you access all your photos:
SD Card + Clouds + Computer + USB !!
- Manages your photos and videos on your phone memory and SD Card
- Access your photos on your cloud services. Piktures supports Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, pCloud, with more cloud services regularly added
- Access the pictures on your personal cloud: Nextcloud and Webdav servers.
- View and transfer the images on your personal computer thanks to the Piktures Media Server, a separated desktop application for Mac, Windows and Linux.
- View and manage the photos on your USB Drive (FAT 32 file system)
- An album viewer to provide the best photo gallery experience

Piktures protects your privacy:
- There is no data sent to our servers.
- You can hide folders on your phone
- You can encrypt your private photos in a Secret Space, locally on your device.
- The Secret space is a photo vault, to view your precious photos offline

Piktures makes you enjoy your content
- Multiple views for your folders (List, Grid, Classic) with multiple items per column
- Multiple views for your photos (Grid, Mosaic, List) with multiple items per column
- A video player and a movie player
- A slideshow to go through your photos
- You can play your animated GIFs,
- You can print photos directly to your network printer
- Quick photo access to your favorite folders with bookmarks
- It is a fun gallery to play with

Piktures comes with a Photo editor
- Crop your photos in different shape and size
- Rotate in all directions, or mirror your photos
- Resize your items
- Apply filters

Piktures comes with a powerful video player
- It supports multiple video formats
- It supports picture-in-picture
- You can stream your personal movies from your computer
- You can project your videos via Google Cast

Piktures comes with a powerful media manager
- Delete photos in mass without worrying about mistakes thanks to the Recycle bin
- Powerful video organizer giving access to the entire video library
- Move photos between folders on your phone
- Exclude some folders from your folder list
- Manage your favorite photos

Piktures comes with an album manager
- You can manage your albums, and delete them
- You can add an album cover to an album
- You can view all your photos with the all photo view
- You can manage your folders, and view sub-folders
- You can access your entire photo library
- You can bookmark albums and your favorite photos

Piktures lets you share media, fast
- You can share your photos with the custom share feature, resize them, and even remove GPS coordinates

Piktures comes in 3 versions:
1) Free version: fully functional app with all the features described above.
2) Premium version: It comes with:
unlimited cloud access points: add multiple cloud, and personal cloud services. full customization of your views.

Piktures has been built over 10 years to bring very powerful features to manage your photos, your images and your videos. It is a simple gallery, but very fast. You can manage your photos, your videos, and your motion images. With a multitude of options to view your media files, and full customization, Piktures is considered by many as the best photo gallery

Online help: help.piktures.app
Contact us at piktures@diune.com.

Piktures is designed by Diune Limited

- Piktures Terms of Service: piktures.app/terms
- Piktures Privacy policy : https:/piktures.app/privacy

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2.11 BUNDLE 17 S
March 28, 2023
Android 11+
2.11 APK
March 28, 2023
Android 11+
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