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Download Reddit videos with sound (Thank OHermesJunior ( for his contributions to this).
Support viewing gfycat, redgifs and imgur media in-app.
Long press the toolbar to go to top.
Remove multireddit option in the bottom navigation bar in subreddit detail page and add an option to directly go back to home page.
Show sort type in toolbar.
You can now copy parent content when commenting.
Thank TacoTheDank (, libraries are updated.
Infinity is a beautiful, feature-rich app that offers a smooth Reddit browsing experience. It is completely free and ad-less; you can browse Reddit without interruptions or distractions. Built by a passionate university student, Infinity is open source. Please check out, support or contribute to the project at!

A subreddit for this app is available:

Highlighted features:

Lazy mode:

Automatic scrolling of posts enables you to enjoy amazing content without moving your thumb.

Multi-account support:

Switch to different accounts instantaneously.

Night theme:

Beautifully designed night theme
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June 8, 2020
Android 5.0+
35 APK
June 8, 2020
Android 5.0+
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