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We have two exciting new features in this update.

Push notifications
Receive a push notification when you have new mail from a public authority. Later this will also be offered for private companies.

Log on with e-Boks
Use your e-Boks app for logging on e-Boks in a browser and soon also other digital services. It works by you scanning a QR code and then approving to log on using your e-Boks app.

With e-Boks you can access your mail digitally and securely from both companies and public authorities, anywhere and anytime.

Our app provides you with a range of options to organize your mail. But e-Boks is much more than just a digital mailbox:

- Sign documents digitally. The documents are easily signed using NemID and saved in e-Boks.
- Pay bills. Pay your bills directly in e-Boks. Pay with creditcard or Betalingsservice.
- e-Boks supports a multi-level folder structure unlike any other digital mailboxes out there, allowing you to organize your mail in a perfect tree structure.
- Mail management at your fingertips. Just swipe right to mark a message as read, or swipe left to archive.
- Read and manage mail that others have given you access to.
- Upload important personal documents. e-Boks is like an online bank vault, which allows you to store everything from mortgage deeds and birth certificates to photographs of your valuables for insurance claims.

We are also introducing e-Boks Plus. Here you can access a range of services which are designed to make your everyday life easier and more convenient. You decide which services you want to add, and you always have full control over the content. We are continuously adding new services and you are invited to share feedback and submit ideas to e-Boks Plus through the app.

It is easy to get started. You simply log-on as you are used to. If you are new to e-Boks we recommend creating a user with your NemID to get access to all features of the app.

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December 6, 2022
Android 6.0+
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January 5, 2023


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