Come and see—it's 6.3! This release includes yet another slew of improvements, thanks to your feedback:

+ Geofence notifications
+ The return of HomeIQ on tablet. Rejoice!
+ Comfort settings configuration on your sensors screen
+ Fixed the icon for sensor participation
+ More bug fixes and improvements

Keep those suggestions coming!
ecobee makes it easier for you to maximize comfort and savings without compromising your lifestyle. With the ecobee app, you could enjoy whole home comfort by adjusting your lights and temperature settings anytime, anywhere. Away from home? Make sure you’re saving energy when it counts, and keep tabs on the rooms that matter most.

You can use the ecobee app to:

- Breeze through installation. Videos and diagrams walk you through each step.
- Stay comfortable. Set up your comfort schedule and preferences to your liking.
- Get peace of mind. Adjust your temperature, lighting, and preferences anywhere, anytime. Turn wayward light
- Save energy. Switch your ecobee thermostat from Home to Away mode, and by turn any wayward lights off.
- Keep everybody else happy, even when you’re away. Adjust settings for a house-sitter, or turn on the lights to reassure a nervous pup.

Because we never take our users’ feedback (and fiery wit) for granted, we want more of your thoughts. [email protected] / andro[email protected]
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May 3, 2018
Android 5.0+
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