A bunch of bug fixes!
* Home button from page 2+ now goes to default homescreen
* Fixed scrolling widget behavior
* Fixed for folder background not scaling correctly on Android N
* Other various bug and crash fixes

Meet Evie. A faster way to use your phone.

Evie is a launcher providing universal search across your device. By typing only a few characters, you can:

• Launch any app
• Call, text, or email any of your contacts
• Look up places, movies and TV shows, musicians, apps, and Web pages
• Take action:
◦ Get a ride with Uber
◦ Make reservations
◦ Order delivery
◦ Stream movies on Netflix or Hulu
◦ Buy tickets
◦ Listen to music

Clean it Up.
We’ve set up a beautifully simple home screen for you. You don’t need pages of apps. You don’t need to keep folders organized. Put stuff you use every day on your home screen. For everything else, our search bar will find it instantly.

Keep it Simple.
No more having to open app after app and search for the same thing over and over. We organize the information inside all of your apps and put it in one place. Whatever you need to do, just type it in and we’ll find it for you.

Make it Personal.
Create shortcuts for anything. If you do something often, just long-press to drop a shortcut onto your home screen. Almost anything you can find with our search can be turned into one. Here’s a few ideas:
• Call a friend
• Directions and commute times to home or work
• Bookmark a restaurant where you’ll be having dinner

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This release comes in several variants (we currently have 4). Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you.

14000006 APK
June 27, 2016
Android 4.4+
14000010 APK
June 27, 2016
Android 4.4+
14000011 APK
June 27, 2016
Android 4.4+
14000012 APK
June 27, 2016
Android 4.4+
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