Want Apple Music's Live Lyrics Dynamic Background feature to work on your Android phone, and also with other music players?

Meet Diffuse, a live wallpaper that blurs your current playing album art and displays it in an abstract, fluid-like manner in real-time. With our in-house solution Live Beatsโ„ข, the background also moves when the beat drops. It's alive, vibrant, and it never gets old.

Version Differences:
- This is the free (trial) version of Diffuse, which you can use with a locked interval of album art syncing.
- To make album art syncing automatically and free from the locked interval, please purchase the full version IAP or the standalone full version app at play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.justzht.lwp.music.apple.

- Real-time fluid album art music visualization (Need Notification Permission)
- Live Beats [Full Version] (Need Audio Permission)

- Android 7.0+ (Not GO Edition)
- Diffuse grabs album arts by reading notifications posted by your music players, so please make sure that your music app is using the default system music notification before your purchase. Read more in the section below.

Known Working Apps:
- Spotify
- Apple Music
- Tidal
- SoundCloud
- YouTube Music
- QQ Music (Require native style notification enabled)
- TuneIn Radio
- Black Player
- If not listed: in most cases it should be compatible

Known Non-working Apps:
- Xiami (่™พ็ฑณ)
- Samsung Music
- Douban FM

Have issues?
- Write to justzht+diffuse@gmail.com for help!

From version Diffuse [Free] - Apple Music Live Wallpaper ๐Ÿ’ฟ (2945)-0-PUB:

- Fix dark tint
- Brightness slider
- Fix crash (need testing)

All versions

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