TeraBox v2.9.2
1. Optimized part of the experience of the upload function
2. Added upload complete notification
3. Optimized the cell phone registration process

Register for 1024GB permanent free cloud storage! Automatically back up your photos and videos. Supports online photo preview and video playing.

With TeraBox, you can store approximately: 3,000,000+ photos, 2500+ video files or 6.5 million document pages. We provide a safe place for all your files and storage and prevent your data from being stolen. You can safely back up, sync, access and share your important content.

Get secure cloud storage for free and make secure backups to avoid losing them! 📥Anyone can upload and transfer files to TeraBox and share them with friends and family. Back up photos, videos, documents and other files to cloud storage, and access files synchronized with any computer or mobile device ——from anywhere! 📤

TeraBox Cloud Storage Highlights :
– 1024GB permanent free cloud storage;
– Upload photos, videos, documents and other files from your Android device;
– Access all the content you have stored in cloud storage, no matter what device it came from;
– Preview photos & Online video playback;
– Create folders and move files between them;
– Transfer files to different file storage;

Sign up now for your free TeraBox Cloud Storage. You’ll get enough space to save files from all your linked devices. Also, you can easily sign in with your Facebook, Google, or Apple Id account. We provides you a safe space to upload files from multiple devices like smartphone, tablet, or computer. The backup function can safely back up your files, such as videos, photos and documents, without worrying about losing files. Moreover, you can easily create folders to manage your files and documents.

Function features:
🎥Back up photos & videos
• Automatic photo backup from your phone
• Online photo preview & video playback

🗄File Accessing
• Safely access any type of your files on the app
• Easily archive your files
• Download multiple files at the same time in your transfer list

• Search docs by name and keyword

TeraBox is an innovative cloud storage app that protects all the files on your device, organizes them for you, and helps you quickly back up and search through your photos by using powerful AI technology. With TeraBox, we bring the future of data backup and cloud storage to you.

Any questions for TeraBox? Please do not hesitate to contact us at helpdesk@terabox.com
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2.10.3 APK
January 26, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 5.1+
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