With the ability to see what the naked eye can't, the FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro provides a visual image of minute temperature differences, giving users the power to see in the dark, observe invisible heat sources, compare relative temperatures, and see through smoke.

Its advanced image processing includes FLIR MSX®, which blends the image detail from the color camera with the thermal image to give you the best of both worlds. The revolutionary OneFit™ adjustable-height connector ensures that your FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro will fit your phone or tablet, even when it’s in a compatible protective case. An improved FLIR ONE app lets you stream thermal images to your smartwatch for remote viewing and share images and videos with social media while keeping you up to date on the latest FLIR ONE tips and tricks. Explore the neighborhood, solve problems around the house, and see the world from a new perspective with the new and improved FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro.

Connect with the FLIR ONE at:

For more information on the FLIR One, visit flir.com/flirone
From version FLIR ONE 2.0.98:
This update resolves compatibility issues with Android 5.
The new FLIR ONE app includes new ‘pro’ camera features, access to tips & tricks videos, keeps you connected with the FLIR ONE user community while easily sharing your images on social media, and compatible with the Android watches to see around corners and awkward places.
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July 3, 2017
March 14, 2017