• Fixed an issue where Alexa wake word would not work in certain use cases and could cause a crash
• Improved user experience when microphone focus cannot be acquired and Alexa wake word cannot be enabled
• Fixed an issue where Alexa could not get the user’s location while app was in the background
• Improved user experience for navigation requests while app is in the background

Bring Ford+Alexa with You on the Road: Access to Alexa in your Ford is now as easy as connecting your phone, starting the Ford+Alexa app and speaking to Alexa. Even with road noise, Alexa listens and provides you with the same information and access to Skills and features as you can get with an Echo in your home. Alexa’s familiar voice and responses then play through your vehicle’s speakers. You can access thousands of Alexa skills and services that Echo customers already enjoy. Pump yourself up on the way to the gym by saying, “Alexa, play my workout playlist.” Continue the book you were listening to, even during your commute to work. Check whether you have dinner plans on the drive home by asking, “Alexa, what’s on my calendar tonight?”

• Alexa Capabilities: You will have access to most the same capabilities as you do from home, including controlling your smart home devices, ordering pizza, checking the weather, getting your favorites sports teams scores, checking and updating your schedule and more.
• Navigation: You can ask Alexa for a point of interest (POI) and ask Alexa to navigate to the POI. Alexa will hand off the POI to the onboard navigation when equipped or to your phone to provide you with turn by turn directions.
• Entertainment: Using Amazon Music, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio you will be able use Alexa to play music (skip, fast forward, rewind, play, and pause) and even make song purchases. The vehicle’s display will show artist, song, and album art information.

SYNC 3 Software Version 2.2 or higher is required. You can check the Software Version on the SYNC 3 touchscreen by pressing: Settings > General > About SYNC. The top line will show the current Software Version (SYNC 3, Software Version: X.X). Customers can upgrade to the current Software Version using automatic home Wi-Fi updates* or a USB download from owner.ford.com.
*Wi-Fi updates may not be available for SYNC 3 versions not equipped with navigation.

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1.0.20 APK
December 15, 2021
Android 8.0+
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Ford+Alexa 1.0.21
January 13, 2022


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Ford+Alexa 1.0.20
December 15, 2021


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September 21, 2021


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June 27, 2019


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May 14, 2019


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Ford+Alexa 1.0.15
August 8, 2018


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May 4, 2018


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April 19, 2018


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Ford+Alexa 1.0.6
March 20, 2018


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Ford+Alexa 1.0.5
March 15, 2018


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