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TrebleShot is an open-source application that allows you to send and receive files without an internet connection.

* TrebleShot should be installed on all devices that you want to share files with.

* Pause and resume transfers even after something went wrong
* Share large files
* Share multiple content from your video, photo, music and application libraries
* No internet connection is required: setup a hotspot and connect to it using QR code
* Share with multiple devices at the same time
* Exchange texts of any kind and save them to TrebleShot
* Share folders as they are for backup and other purposes
* Light UI: Works faster than its rivals on low-end devices
* Speed-oriented: Minimal UI optimized for speed
* Advanced features: network change handling, choosing network after speed measurement

TrebleShot provides handful tools to help you send any file on any situation. Devices that are on the same network
will recognize each other. You can also scan the code over your phone's screen or start a deep scan over the network.

- Using hotspot (Android 6.0+): Writing system settings is required
- Directly sending to TrebleShot hotspot (Android 6.0+): TrebleShot will need location permission to read network setting
and connection info.
- Using QR Code to share (Android 6.0+): Camera permission is used to scan QR codes.

TrebleShot is a community driven app. You can help it become more feature rich and available on more people's devices by
posting and telling about it. You can also join the Telegram group where we discuss what should change and what we should
do for new releases. You can join it here .

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From version TrebleShot - File Share FOSS 1.4.2:

NEW: Support for Russian & Vietnamese languages
NEW: Download all files as a ZIP file (Share on Browser)
NEW: Send files with (Share on Browser)
NEW: Show texts as QR codes for easy-sharing
IMPROVED: Scan and save QR codes
MISC: Updated translations

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