■ Bug fixes
- Fixed not to show the function under development while image sharing. (See you soon :) )

- This is available only for One UI 4 (based on Android 12)

■ bugfix
- Fixed some visibility issues and the GUI issues caused by RTL.
- Fixed error in split screens.
- The bug of the function key added in the bubble has been corrected.

■ Bug fixe in One UI 3
- Fixed not to show the function under development while image sharing. )

- Delete unused app permissions. (Storage, Camera)

Now you can set the preset colors and the key sounds in the tablet.
The flick Chunjiin keyboard has been added.

■ bug fix
- We have modified the phenomenon that the animation doesn't end even after the keyboard game is over.
- Fix the problem that the keyboard can not be saved because of the mandatory key in Make your own keyboard.
- The UI associated with the trash can that was not intuitive has been changed in Make your own keyboard.
- UI issue that occurs when deleting theme has been fixed in Style your own keyboard.

- The keyboard touch sound option has been added to Style your own keyboard.
- The flick function has been added to Make your own keyboard.

■ New features
- Change keyboard touch sound
- Make flick key
- Add recommended keyboard: Dvorak, Colemak, Mathematics

You can share your created keyboard with others.
The keyboard already created can be backed up / restored. (There is no need to remake! )

■ New features
- Sharing my own keyboard
- Export / import my own keyboard
- Backup and restore Keys Cafe through Smart Switch

■ bug fix
- Duplicate numbers were removed from the number tray.
- Fix the bug where the key disappears when changing the key color on the back page of the symbol
- Fix bugs that cannot delete pages after adding rows to symbols
- Correct the phenomenon that my own keyboard preview looks cut

- Supports Tablet model.
- Improvement of margin control

- New features :
Character keys
Full symbols
More new motion effects
Delete my own theme
Change Key color

- Minor bug fix

Set up a keyboard that’s tailored to you.

You can increase the sizes of keys that you have trouble pressing and map your favorite emoticons to locations of your choosing.
Add effects to your keyboard making it fun to type on, or change your keyboard’s color to one you like, or change your keyboard's touch sound.
Improve your typing skills while enjoying the keyboard game.

[Key Features]
■ OneUI3.0
- Changing keyboard touch sound

■ OneUI2.5
- Changing the sizes of keys: You can adjust the heights and widths of keys.
- Remapping keys: You can remap keys or add new keys.
- Setting up a keyboard theme: You can set up a color or effect for your keyboard. (OneUI2.1 not supported)
- Gaming on your keyboard: Playing game and see scores and ranking

※Keys Cafe works from Samsung keyboard version

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January 7, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 12+
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