Google app for Android TV
The fastest, easiest way to explore movies, music and other content for your Android TV, when you need it. • Use your voice to quickly search for movies, tv, music and more • Easily navigate through films, actors, artists, apps and albums • Ask Google for quick facts about anything. Plus: Google Search can help your discover content from other apps on your TV
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Requires Android TV

These require Android TV and can not be installed on your phone or tablet.

September 29, 2017
Android 5.0+
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  • Diego S.

    It cant be install in my nexus player, why?

    • duepointe

      It works with the mi box.

      • Diego S.

        I investigated, nexus player isnt arm device, mi box is it, i need arm64 version for my nexus player, please someone can upload it, i want test google assistant that finally is available in my language, spanish

        • duepointe

          some say they can run in on nexus player running marshmallow.

          • Diego S.

            why?, my nexus player is android oreo already

      • Edgar Condori Coria

        in android 6 or 7 thanks

        • Frank Paz

          can’t install on mibox nougat beta.. it says its corrupted.

  • Jacob Mcalister Tattoos

    Will this work on Bravia 2017 OLEDS?

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    Working well on Mi Box . Awesome

    • Edgar Condori Coria

      android 6 or 7 ?? thanks

      • Jorge Rodriguez

        On Android 6 actually.

  • tuo

    Can it be run on Philips Android TV based on Android 7?