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New adventures coming to the Isle of Dreams on 23 August - Summer Dream Party!

- New job class, Gunslinger, bringing their rebellion and their superb marksmanship
- New map Comodo, a beachside sunset waterscape dotted with magnificent fireworks.
- New dungeon Ponape Museum Island. Uncover the cause of the weird incident

Dear Adventurers,

Ragnarok Online Mobile: Eternal Love has been through a lot in the past 4 years, and RO2.0 that launched earlier this year also brought us to a new age and land.
Now, we are about to head to the long-awaited Comodo and embark on our new adventure in that dreamy land! Let's set sail for the new version, Isle of Dreams, and head straight for the summer dream party!
The new map Comodo is unlocked, and you can enjoy the sunset view of the beach with magnificent fireworks; the new job class, Gunslinger, has arrived, and with their rebellion comes their superb marksmanship; a new dungeon, an event happened at Ponape Museum Island where mass resurrection happened to the collection of 1000-year displays, bringing new PVE challenges.

With an all-new collaboration event happening soon, let us begin our journey of dreams!

- Full camera angle unlocked, visual quality upgrade
Full 3D camera angle to reproduce the classic graphics. After the 60 FPS high-resolution update, we have, once again, upgraded the art direction! Full 3D camera angle is unlocked, allowing even more map details to be shown. Character models are more detailed, and movements are even smoother than before. New characters' facial expressions, hairstyles, VFX, and skills' special effects are more stunning.

- Adventure at will, open exploration in the open world
Through a multi-linear fragmented narrative, the game tells a glorious epic story of the Midgard continent. With an open and unbridled non-linear map, adventurers of any level can go anywhere they wish to go. Even every NPC encountered has their own story.

- Rich job classes and builds, commencing ultimate ascendancy job change
There are more than twenty different job class branches, so find the class that suits you best! You can also try all kinds of builds within all classes and master a variety of skill combinations; team up with your friends, allow each class to shine with their own distinctive features and forge your own path of adventure.

- Enriching gameplay and cutting grinds
We tried a lot of new gaming modes: 6v6 Team Competition, Battle of Cake, Thanatos Tower, Echoing Corridor, etc.; while enriching the gaming experience, we also tried to reduce the tedious idling mechanisms and daily tasks. We added new simulation-style gameplay to help reduce the time spent on the more boring grinding content.


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1.2.70 APK
November 30, 2021
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 5.0+
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