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Join the world’s largest community of creative hiders and outdoor seekers with the official Geocaching® app. With over 3 million cleverly hidden geocache containers worldwide, you can join an active community of outdoor explorers creating, sharing and playing the game of geocaching all around you. Geocaches are created and shared by people like you, who have a passion for hiding treasure, seeking adventure, and sharing the most meaningful and creative hiding spots all over the world. 
Whether you are traveling to a new city, a family out on a neighborhood walk, or a group of friends who know how to appreciate a good scavenger hunt, geocaching is easy enough for anyone to get started. Browse our map to discover hidden cache locations nearby — no matter what city or country you are in. Start by navigating using GPS-enabled directions to within 30 feet of the cache — then your real search begins. Geocaches are hidden out of sight, often disguised, to only be found by the people who are trying to find them.
Geocaches come in all shapes, sizes, and types — and some may be more cleverly deceptive than you can even imagine. Cache owners will always include a log book for you to sign to record your successful find. Larger containers might also include some treasures to be traded or moved to other cache locations — like with trackable tags, personal keepsakes, and the occasional geocoin hoping to be passed on to the next adventurer. Once you are done with the container, simply place it back exactly as you found it for the next explorer to discover.
With a constantly growing community of geocachers there is no limit to how you can get in on the fun. You can play as a family in your neighborhood and parks, add some cache seeking to your jogging or fitness routine, or challenge yourself with some all-terrain caches on a hike near your favorite trails. Use the map to find local events held by the community around the world to learn the best tips and tricks for finding caches and the impact this global game has had on their lives. If you’re lucky enough, they may even share some of the TOTT (tools of the trade!) with you to make sure no treasure gets left behind on your search. 
Get more with Geocaching Premium! Upgrade to access all geocaches and extra features to personalize your experience. Keep track of your personal stats and achievements, search and filter for your favorite types of geocaches, or download caches to your phone to use Trail maps and stay on-trail when offline.
You can buy a Premium membership subscription through your Google Play account. Premium membership is available with a monthly or annual subscription. You can subscribe and pay through your Google Play account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
Terms of use: www.geocaching.com/about/termsofuse.aspx
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June 20, 2024
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June 20, 2024
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