12 S-class supercars, 2.0 multiplayer racing era, 10 new map tracks, and a new version are launched, bringing you a fully upgraded racing experience. The new version introduces 12 cool sports cars, complete new exclusive events, and you will have the opportunity to unlock the car god McLaren Senna. Experience other ways to play, you can also get S-class luxury cars such as Koenigsegg, Jesko, and rich rewards waiting for you to win. The multiplayer mode has been fully upgraded, and there are more than one multiplayer seasons where you can compete with real players! You can challenge the multiplayer season anytime, anywhere and achieve your legend. The beautiful new map of the Caribbean beach brings 10 brand new tracks and 3 career seasons. You can drive your favorite sports car in the rainforest and on the beach. The new version supports custom modification of new parts such as rims, spoilers, bumpers, etc. The same car, different styles, create your exclusive racing appearance!


新版本推出12辆酷炫跑车,完成全新专属赛事,将有机会解锁车神McLaren Senna。体验其他玩法,你也可获得Koenigsegg, Jesko等S级豪车,另有丰富奖励等你赢取。多人模式全面升级,与真实玩家同场竞技的多人赛季不止一个!你可以随时随地挑战多人赛季,成就你的传奇。

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