Release note 9.4.9
>Optimized the battery usage
>Improved PDF,Excel attachment support
>Improved Android 11 support for one plus 8+
>Version 9.5 is coming soon

- Not being able to text on your computer? Don’t worry, we’ve got a way.
Handcent Anywhere - the texting bridge to your PC/Mac. Connect your phone in your browser with one simple step, you can text freely no matter you’re in office or at home.

- Afraid of losing your texts? Not again.
Cloud back-up all your texts and settings to the cloud. You can also schedule the back-up time. When you reset or switch to a new phone, you can easily restore with your back-up.

- Worried about your privacy? Not any more.
Privacy box to keep your text conversation safe and secure, you’re the only one to see and access your private conversation.

- Don’t like color, look, font, background? Look here.
Handcent offers the ultimate freedom and personalization as a text messenger. You can pretty much customize everything within the app, background, font, notification icon, even each contact’s ringtone. We also have a collection of beautiful themes for you to choose from. Theme store is being updated weekly.

- More fun with Chatting? We’ve got it here.
The most complete packs of emojis, stickers, and gifs you can find on the market.

- Can’t find a messenger suitable for work? Check it out.
Creating group chat and mass text to multiple recipients can come in handy. Moreover, you can now send pdf, work, excel files directly.

The best replacement android text messaging app for your stock SMS text messenger app. The best messenger app with free text message & message stickers.

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MMS is fast and stable, can receive all kinds of MMS messages. We also can also share full-size multimedia with MMS plus.
Share multimedia messages with your friends. MMS plus can act as a multimedia android text messaging downloader, save multimedia files on our private cloud server.

Pop up text

Quick reply text messages within a pop up window.
Handcent Next SMS text messenger app has new look.

Wear OS support

Receive and reply messages on all of your android-based smartwatches, along with the features like voice to text, etc.
Supports Wear OS, Galaxy Watch 3 ,Galaxy Watch 2 active with Tizen OS 5.5
Need to work with the phone app, doesn't work as a standalone app


You can search text messages by time, message type and etc.
All SMS messages with text are searchable

SMS Blocker/Blacklisting

Block all unwanted or spam SMS & MMS messages in our private android text messaging app.

Sticky on top

Handcent Next SMS messenger pins your private contacts on top based on your SMS & MMS needs.

Underneath there’s a ton of messages improvements.
Group Messaging Chat: Create a group with friends/contacts, all contacts will receive the message while texting. Send mass text messages with stickers to all members of the group. You will love the simple group and mass SMS & MMS messaging.

For those of you who love Handcent and need help, please contact us at

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9.4.9 APK
April 7, 2021
arm64-v8a + armeabi
Android 4.4+
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