Over the last ten years, the Mafia has taken over almost every criminal city in the world. Make your own criminal clan, hire top mafiosos and show everyone who the true gangster is in mafia city!

Mafioso is a turn-based strategy game in which players battle each other online. Become the boss of your own crime family!

Choose from the strongest fighters for PvP battles online. Make sure you have a good balance of attack and defense. And don't forget about your secondary and support skills. They can play a decisive role in team battle games. Assemble a team and discover new winning strategies.

Mafia games features:

- Turn-based PvP online team battle games between players all over the world
- Become the Godfather of your criminal clan
- 30+ charismatic characters with unique abilities
- Original designs and epic locations
- Fun dialogue and audio
- Сolorful mafia city

Mafioso: Bring new members into your clan!

Come to mafia city and take part in the global clan war!

Join forces with other players from around the world. Unlock all the characters, develop their skills and assemble a fearsome crime family to win the global mafia war.

You are the real boss of the gangsters! Play turn-based strategy games Mafioso now!
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From version Mafioso: Mafia PvP online 2.8.0:

Introducing the new Mafia Road

Slick new look
New Rewards
The bank - converts your extra hats into gold
History - get forgotten grand rewards from previous seasons

New Hero: Oracle Nadja! - The fortune teller who can change fate.
Improved Rage Bar: See what your rage bar is going to be on the next turn.

Fill the Family Armoire faster - Armoire items are now more accessible
Huge performance improvements

Lead the family to glory, starting now!

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Mafioso: Mafia PvP online 2.8.0


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Mafioso: Mafia PvP online 2.7.5


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Mafioso: Mafia PvP online 2.7.4


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Mafioso: Mafia PvP online 2.7.2


Uploaded:September 19, 2022 at 12:32PM UTC

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Mafioso: Mafia PvP online 2.7.0


Uploaded:July 14, 2022 at 5:56PM UTC

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Mafioso: Mafia PvP online 2.6.4


Uploaded:January 19, 2022 at 12:00AM UTC

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