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Thanks for using IFTTT! This update includes:
+ Bug fixes and performance improvements.

About IFTTT - automation & workflow

Connect and automate your favorite apps and devices with a simple no-code interface.
With IFTTT you can combine over 700 popular services to automate practically everything in your life. Turn on any of the 100,000’s of pre-built automations, or get creative, and build your own. Automations can be as simple as connecting two services, or as sophisticated as workflows that involve multiple services and conditional logic.
Integration and automation ideas to get you started:
• Control every aspect of your smart home with Google Assistant
• Use location to automatically trigger your Hue lights and Spotify playlist
• Prepare for bad weather with custom Weather Underground notifications
• Stay safe with automated home security alerts
• Message Discord when you post your latest YouTube video
• Streamline social media by cross-posting to multiple platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
• Connect and integrate services not yet on IFTTT using Webhooks
Our 25 most popular apps span health, productivity, smart home and social media:
Alexa, Coinbase, Discord, Dropbox, Facebook, FitBit, Google (Assistant, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Gmail, Nest, Sheets, Tasks and Wifi), Instagram, iRobot, LIFX, LINE, Microsoft, Philips Hue, RSS, Twitter, Siri, Slack, SMS, Spotify, Strava, Weather Underground, Webhooks, Wyze, YouTube, and Zoom.
Discover automations for:
• The home, office, and car
• Staying informed on news and politics
• Your Android devices
• Exploring outer space
• Improving how you use social media

Fully compatible with Wear OS.

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4.29.3 APK
July 2, 2022
Android 6.0+
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