What's new in G-CPU:Monitor CPU, RAM, Widget

- Enhanced Application Performance and Efficiency
- Core Application V2 Update
- Comprehensive Chipset Compatibility
- Bug Fixes for Improved User Experience
- Hotfix truck in the Introduction screen
- Fixed compass display error
- Fixed crashes in some device
- Support Android SDK 34

About G-CPU:Monitor CPU, RAM, Widget

G-CPU is a simple, powerful, and free application that gives you complete information about your mobile device and tablet with advanced user interfaces and widgets. G-CPU includes information about CPU, RAM, OS, Sensors, Storage, Battery, Network, System Apps, Display, Camera, etc. Also, G-CPU can benchmark your device with hardware tests.

What's Inside :
- Dashboard: RAM, Internal Storage, External Storage, Battery, CPU, Sensors Available, Tests, Network, and Settings App
- Device: Device Name, Model, Manufacturer, Device, Board, Hardware, Brand, Build Fingerprint
- System: OS, OS Type, OS State, Version, Build Number, Multitasking, Initial OS Version, Max Supported OS Version, Kernel Info, Boot Time, Up Time
- CPU: Load Percent, Chipset Name, Launched, Design, Common manufacturer, Max CPU clock rate, Process, Cores, Instruction set, GPU name, GPU Cores.
- Battery: Health, Level, Status, Power Source, Technology, Temperature, Voltage & Capacity
- Network: IP Address, Gateway, Subnet Mask, DNS, Lease Duration, Interface, Frequency & Link Speed
- Display: Resolution, Density, Physical Size, Supported Refresh Rates, Brightness Level & Mode, Screen Timeout, Orientation
- Memory: RAM, RAM Type, RAM Frequency, ROM, Internal Storage & External Storage
- Sensors: True Heading, Acceleration, Altimeter, Raw Magnetic, Magnetic, Rotate
- Device Tests :
Benchmark your device with the following parts and optimize your device with Automatic tests. You can test Display, Multi-touch, Flashlight, Loudspeaker, Ear Speaker, Microphone, Ear Proximity, Accelerometer, Vibration, WI-Fi, Fingerprint, Volume Up Button & Volume Down Button
- Camera: All the features supported by your camera
- Export Reports: Export customizable reports, Export Text Reports, Export PDF Reports
- Widget supports: Control center, memory, battery, network, and storage
- Support Compass

Feel free to contact us via Facebookwww.youtube.com/watch?v=yQrFch9InZA&ab_channel=V%C5%A9H%E1%BA%ADu at G-CPU

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2.8.3 APK
February 15, 2024
Android 6.0+
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