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People (at least the ones on Earth) love visuals. That's why we believe red apples are tastier than yellow ones. Or is it just us? People also hate Math. Anything numbers.
So we put two and two together. Math is now prettier on Jupiter, where it matters most — when you're investing your money.
Head to our Investments page, and you'll see that we've been busy doodling. You can now see the 10-year returns of Mutual Funds as graphs. You'd never have ogled at numbers like this.

Jupiter Money - for everything money!
Jupiter is the easiest, personalised money management app that helps you take control of your finances. Track expenses, pay bills, save for goals, and invest and grow your money!

Open a No-Minimum Balance Savings Account (Savings Account is opened with Federal Bank) in 3 minutes

Upgrade to the most rewarding corporate Salary Account:
Earn up to 5% cashback on spends*
Get free Health Insurance of up to ₹20 Lakhs
Get free Instant Credit of up to ₹1,50,000*
Get a Zero Balance Salary Account
Pay zero Forex Charges (save up to ₹3500 every month)
Get a free Metal Card
Earn ₹1,000 per referral

Trusted by people at top companies like Amazon, Swiggy, Microsoft, Deloitte, Wipro, Infosys, Adobe, Meesho, Myntra, and Unacademy

What’s on Jupiter?
The easiest way to manage your money!

👮‍♂️Your money insured up to Rs. 5 Lakh
💸Send money via UPI
😍No Minimum Balance
💎Earn 1% Rewards on your spends*
✈️Zero Forex Fee
📊Track your expenses with spend categories
💬Get friendly 24x7 Chat Support
😇No hidden fee, charges
🏺Save money in Pots
💰Withdraw your salary any day with On-Demand Salary
🏦Get up to 7.25% interest p.a. with Federal Bank Fixed Deposits
📈Auto-invest daily, weekly, or monthly with 0-commision Mutual Funds
⭐Buy once or auto-save regularly in 99.99% purest 24K Digital Gold
📍Track your Loans and never miss an EMI payment
🏦Track all bank accounts in 1 place
🧾Make 20+ Bill Payments
🎁Buy Gift Cards

How to do money right?

Anything expenses? You’ve got this!
Spend smartly. Track expenses like a detective!

→ Track spends by Category
→ Add #Tags to track spends your way
→ Create Auto-Pay rules for repeat payments
→ Pay with your Jupiter UPI ID
→ Set a secure UPI PIN yourself
→ Send/receive cash immediately

Anything savings? You’ve got this!
Save for all your goals in Pots
→ Earn interest on your savings
→ Pick your own savings interest rate
→ Withdraw your money anytime

Anything investing? You’ve got this!

Mutual Funds on Jupiter: The smarter way to invest!
→ Earn up to 1.5% extra returns with 0-commision Mutual Funds
→ Invest once, or auto-invest daily, weekly, or monthly
→ Start small with SIPs starting at just ₹10
→ Enjoy 0-Penalty on missed Mutual Fund SIPs
→ Explore Curated Collections to grow with India’s top funds

24K 99.9% Purest Digital Gold on Jupiter
→ Buy and sell anytime, anywhere
→ Stored in lifetime-free secure vaults
→ Invest once, or auto-save daily, weekly, or monthly

Fixed growth on your savings with Fixed Deposits
→ Get up to 7.25% interest with Federal Bank Fixed Deposits
→ 100% digital, instant withdrawals
→ No hidden fees and charges, ever
→ Powered by Federal Bank and insured by RBI

Any day Salary day? You’ve got this!
Make any day salary day with On-Demand Salary

→ Get instant credit of your salary, any day of the month
→ Pay 0% interest next month repayment
→ Repay in up to 6 easy EMIs
→ Zero penalties on early repayment

Your money? You are in control!
→ Enable/disable swipe, online & contactless payments on your VISA Debit Card
→ Lost/misplaced your card? Tap to order a new one. Or freeze it in-app.
→ Your privacy is taken seriously! Your money is your business. Nobody should ever see it!

Made for millennials, by millennials
Manage money like you shop, order food, buy groceries online
No jargon, no big-big-words. Money things said in plain, simple english
No banking work marathons, no branch visits, no endless paperwork

♥ Made by team Jupiter in Bengaluru

The Savings Account, Fixed Deposit and VISA Debit Card are provided by Federal Bank - an RBI-licensed bank. All funds in the account are insured as per limits under the RBI’s deposit insurance scheme. Jupiter itself is not a bank and doesn’t hold or claim to hold a banking license. Your money is always safe with our partner bank.

Digital Gold in partnership with MMTC PAMP

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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