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We've reduced the size of our app by over 50% to help save space on your device. We have also improved Autofill performance and fixed several bugs reported by customers. For our business customers, we have added support for new role enforcement policies and the Advanced Reporting & Alert Module.
Keeper provides a secure and private vault protected by our unmatched Zero-Knowledge Security Architecture with multiple levels of encryption. Each user's vault is guarded by a master password which only you know.

• Stores and autofills strong passwords while protecting you on all of your devices.

• Securely store your private documents. Keeper locks your confidential files, photos, and videos in a secure encrypted vault.

• Uses multiple layers of encryption by storing your data in our own secure cloud. With Keeper your information remains 100% encrypted 100% of the time. Utilizes AES-256-bit encryption and PBKDF2 technology

• Click to generate strong, long, and complex passwords that Keeper remembers for you.

• Securely share individual passwords or files with people you trust. Stop texting or emailing your private information!

• Biometric fingerprint and facial recognition for a quick and secure way to easily access your vault.

• Share passwords or files directly with another Keeper user or with a group of people you trust.

• Easily switch between multiple Keeper accounts (like a business and personal vault) when you log in.

• Assess your current password strength using our Security Audit to identify which accounts require a password update and then reset with a strong password in a single click.

• Integrates with two-step verification providers (SMS, Google Authenticator, Duo Security, or RSA SecurID)

• If you ever delete a password, don’t worry. Record History allows you to view the date a record was modified, revert to a previous version, or permanently delete it from your vault.

• The only password manager to be certified SOC-2 and ISO27001

BOTTOM LINE: The Most Secure Password Manager in the Industry. Be safer, get Keeper.

Keeper, Password Keeper and the Keeper logo are registered trademarks of Keeper Security, Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,656,504, 8,868,932 and 8,738,934. Patents Pending.
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May 23, 2019
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