- Fixed existing minor bugs
- Improved performance

Symlex VPN provides a secure internet connection to keep you safe while you are online. Our VPN keeps you secure whether you are at the home, airport, on public wi-fi, bank or on the go. If you want access to other apps and websites that you cannot get a hold of easily, this VPN is the best option.

Symlex VPN provides you with fast servers in a premium bundle. Purchase now for better performance and choose your preferred server from around 100+ servers. Symlex VPN is the most trusted online VPN service provider for Android users.

When it comes to VPN security and safety, Symlex VPN is top tier. It encrypts your connection so third parties cannot track your online activity, making it more secure than a typical proxy.

It offers several robust VPN protocols and a blazing-fast VPN connection. Its simple design allows you to use the VPN easily; no further configuration is needed. With only one click, you can hide your IP, encrypt traffic, and access any website or app without restrictions.

Symlex VPN is a global VPN network that possesses South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia countries. At the same time, it is even available in the USA, Denmark, and England and expanding to more countries soon.

⇨ App Features
It supports several protocols over the internet, which include: WireGuard, OneConnect, OpenConnect, TCP, UDP, TLS, HTTPS, HTTP, DNS, and SSH.
Provides the fastest proxy browser & tunnel.
Up to five devices connected simultaneously with a single subscription.
65+ locations with 100+ servers.
Unlimited amount of VPN bandwidth.
Automatic connection to the quickest server around you.
Keep no log and a strict user privacy policy.
Military-grade encryption for top-grade security.
Easy to check how many devices have logged in to your account.
Stop irritating ads with our ad blocker.
No time limit of usage
No configuration required
⇨ Why Choose Symlex VPN
24/7 live online support is available
Make your way through the internet barriers
Trustworthy: 6M+ total subscriptions, over 190K daily engagement, and 300K+ paid subscribers!
Offers free or paid service; enjoy limited features for free or upgrade to premium.
7 days money-back guarantee.
Download Symlex VPN, one of the world's best and fastest virtual private networks, and enjoy it all!

If the connection fails, don't worry, you can follow these simple steps to fix it:
1) Logout from the app and log in again.
2) Click another fastest and most stable server to reconnect.
3) Check that your VPN is up-to-date.
4) Reinstall the app.
5) Contact our support team.

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This release comes in several variants (we currently have 2). Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you.

4.1.28 APK
February 5, 2023
Android 4.3+
4.1.28 APK
February 5, 2023
Android 4.3+
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