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After the latest Fire TV update USB debugging needs a confirmation on the Fire TV screen. Fix device connection with new confirm dialog on fire tv screen. Stay tuned for more improvement.
The latest Amazon update for the Fire TV broke the connectivity between Apps2Fire and the Fire TV. Now at the first connection you have to confirm to allow USB debugging on your Fire TV. Please confirm this dialog when it appears.

After my vacation I will improve the new behavior. Please subscribe to the beta program of this app and try new updates.

Maybe you can't find your favorite app on your FireTV. With this app "Apps2Fire" (Apps to Fire) you can upload every Android application from your mobile phone or tablet to your Fire TV or Fire TV stick.

You only have to enable the developer options on your fire tv and enter the fire tv ip address in Apps2Fire.

Sideloading uses the Fire TV's developer options as described in the help section of Apps2Fire. Developer options are sometimes unreliable so be patient with it. If you are facing problems disable and re-enable the developer options on the Fire TV and frequently restart Fire TV.

- Push apps from the mobile to the Fire TV
- Launch apps on the Fire TV
- Download apps from the Fire TV to your mobile
- Uninstall apps from the Fire TV
- Upload files (.apk, .jpg, .mp4,...) from your sd card to the Fire TV
- Rename files on Fire TV's sd card
- Make Screenshots from Fire TV screen
- Scanner for devices
- Pause and restart fire tv

Happy sideload!

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September 22, 2018
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