We have worked very hard to improve Palabre, 500 chars are not enough to describe everything!
- New providers for Twitter, The Old Reader, Inoreader or Flickr, and a SDK so anyone can add more providers (see levelupstudio.com)
- Improved a lot the design, new logo
- Better recommendations
- Better tablet support
- More customizations, new large cards mode
- Chrome custom tabs
- Improved syncing
- Lot of performance improvements and bugfixes
Bug fixes

Your beautiful news reader for Feedly, RSS feeds, Inoreader, The Old Reader or Twitter. Build your dose of daily news.

A personalized Android news reader just for you.

Palabre is an all in one news app, acclaimed as the best user experience as a Feedly reader, a RSS Reader, Google news (Google reader) and got really good press.

Palabre is RSS Reader that features offline reading, extract full articles (readability like) from RSS feeds, a dark theme, synchronize reads/unreads Feedly Reader, import RSS feeds from OPML, magazine layout, scrollable news widget

Follow Android news, Apple news (only if you want!), Gaming News, Tech News, World News, or any other topics: Funny stuffs, Beauty, DIY, Design, Science, Movies & TV, Startups, Cars, Photography, Food and Sports.

All available in multiples languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Português, Polski, Pу́сский, Italiano.
No worries, if your language is not in our recommendations, you can always find stuffs to follow using our search engine!

Manage your RSS feeds or Feedly subscriptions easily. Add your Feedly account, find content based on your interests, or add any RSS feed manually.

If you were using Taptu or Press news reader user before, we would love to welcome you to read news with us!

Palabre is also a modern and beautiful material design application with a lot of great features:

- Feedly client with full synchronization
- Support all RSS feed formats like RSS 2.0 or Atom, import your RSS Feed with OMPL import
- Read news from your Twitter timeline with the provider extension
- Support for Twitter, The Old Reader, Inoreader or even Flickr with the optional extension
- Magazine layout, Large Cards or List display mode
- Complete offline reader for full article and pictures, which can be cached only when your device is charging if you want
- Extract the full article from the website using our readability / mobilizer technology
- Save anything to Pocket, Instapaper or Palabre itself to read it later
- Beautiful widgets (scrollable widget available)
- Customizable notifications
- Android Wear app
- Dark theme, font customizations, or save bandwith by loading pictures on demand
- Chrome tabs support
- Other customizations

Any Android developer can very easily expand Palabre for new services (reddit, newsblur, feedbin are some ideas) using the Palabre extension SDK:

Join our Google+ community:

More features are coming! You can submit feature request here:

Contact us on the community if you have an issue, before giving a bad rating, we're ready to help!

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2.1.0 Beta 1 APK
November 27, 2015
Android 4.0.3+
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