- Saved Media is now all in one place
- Saved Media can be deleted by clicking Edit in the Saved Media menu
- Clicking a Link in a Post Caption will open it
- Post captions are now shown under likes and download button
- Pinch to Zoom when viewing Saved Media
- Pinch to increase or decrease amount of images shown in Saved Media grid
- If a Story has a 'Swipe Up' link tap the Web icon next to the Save icon to launch it
- Click the Folder icon in the Toolbar when viewing a User to view Saved Media
StorySave let's you relive those moments again, by allowing you to save your friends Instagram Stories, Posts and their Live Streams.

Once you have logged in with your Instagram account, use the tabs at the bottom to navigate between Posts, Stories and Live Streams.

From there, you can see content of people that you follow on Instagram. If you want to save a Post, Story or Live Stream of someone you don't follow on Instagram, tap the search button in the toolbar to search Instagram users.

When you save a Post, Story or Live Stream it will also be added to your Gallery.

Please make sure you have your friends permission before you save their Posts, Stories or Live Stream :)

The "Instagram" name is copyright to Instagram, Inc. StorySave is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Instagram, Inc.
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November 12, 2017
Android 4.2+
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