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Bug fixes and improvements makes it possible for you to buy audiobooks through your local bookstore, giving you the power to keep money within your local economy, create local jobs, and make a difference in your community.

Choose from more than 250,000 audiobooks on, including bestsellers and bookseller picks, and your audiobook purchases are synced with the app immediately so you can start listening right away. If you ever have questions, feedback, or just want a good audiobook recommendation, you can reach out to us at, and a real, audiobook-loving human will get back to you.

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- Each month, you receive one audiobook credit in exchange for an automatic monthly charge of $14.99 USD plus tax to your credit card. Your membership provides ongoing support for your chosen independent bookstore.
- Audiobook credits from your membership can be used on your choice of over 250,000 audiobooks, regardless of list price. (Note: Certain audiobooks cannot be purchased with credits due to publisher restrictions).
- Audiobook credits never expire and can be used on gifts.
- As a member, you receive 30% off additional à la carte audiobook purchases, including gifts.
- You can place your membership on hold or cancel anytime and keep your audiobooks and unused credits.
- Monthly membership is currently available only in the United States and Canada, but credit bundles are available worldwide.

- Search: Search's catalog of 250,000+ audiobooks.
- Use credits: Use your credits to get audiobooks in the app.
- Automatic Sync: Audiobooks automatically sync from your account as well as across devices.
- Bookmarks: Easily bookmark content so you can return to it later (bookmarks are synced across devices).
- Playback Speed: Like to listen at a faster pace? Just use our variable-speed narration feature.
- Sleep Timer: Feeling sleepy? Set the timer to stop your audiobook after a few minutes or at the end of the track.
- Tags: Organize your library in a way that works for you with customizable tags.
- Sharing: Share the experience with friends to earn free audiobooks! The share function lets you refer via email, text, or Nearby Share.
- DRM-free downloads: Every audiobook on is DRM-free, so you can listen on any device.

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