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Now, in addition to your account e-mail, you can add your recovery e-mail to your profile information and access your memories easily. Many more improvements are waiting for you. Download the latest version, start using!

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Lifebox - Backup & Storage

The best thing that can happen to your phone is lifebox! If you don't like the ‘storage full’ warning, lifebox is just for you. Here's what you can do with lifebox:

Automatic backup of the memories : With the auto-sync feature, your memories are backed up in lifebox instantly with cellular data or WiFi. All memories are safely stored automatically.

Back Up Your Contacts: You can back up your contacts in lifebox and store them safely. Thus, if something happens to your phone, you can access them immediately.

Group Your Photos with Face and Image Recognition: Lifebox recognizes people, objects and places in your photos with face&image recognition and groups them for you. So you don't have to worry about searching for a photo.

Free up space: You can delete the memories you backed up on lifebox from your phone with a single button, so you can make room for new memories in your phone memory.

Automatic Stories: You can create fun stories and share them easily with your loved ones. Lifebox also creates automatic stories, collages and videos, crowning the most beautiful memories of you!

We did not forget your photos in social media: You can archive photos you share on Facebook and Instagram to lifebox.

Smart and Secure Login: Depending on the model of your phone, you can use touch id, face id, or password to make it more secure.

Create Your Print Albums!: With the “Print” feature in lifebox, you can easily print and decorate your living space with your memories.

Photo Editing: With photo editing feature, you can make your photos more attractive with special filters, effects and frames, and you can add entertainment with caps and stickers.

Reach your lifebox from anywhere!: All the photos, videos and files you have stored in your lifebox can be accessed quickly from your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, TV + and PC.

If you have a Lifebox Premium account, you can benefit from the additional features of Premium, and you will have the best lifebox experience!

Delete Duplicated Contacts: Lifebox saves you the trouble of deleting recurring contacts one by one! You can find the copied contacts in the phone book and delete the repeats with a single button, and you can find a solution to the chaos in your contact list.

Face and Object Recognition: With Premium membership, you can use Face&Image Recognition feature in all of your photos unlimited.

Original Quality Storage: If you have a lifebox Premium membership, all the photos and videos you upload will be kept in original quality.

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