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• New decals let you decorate and enhance your creations in a flash.
• We rearranged the icons on the trimming toolbar for ease of access.

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LINE Creators Studio is LINE's official app that lets you easily create LINE stickers from photos and more. Sell your sticker creations on LINE's Sticker Shop and share them with the world.

Turn your beloved pets, friends, or kids into original LINE sticker sets. Create unique sticker sets for a private group of friends or family and make your LINE chats your own.

(All stickers must pass a review process before they can be sold.)

What You Can Do with LINE Creators Studio
• Add messages to your camera snaps and turn them into stickers.
• Fine tune your photos with a flurry of filters.
• Draw stickers using the canvas and go wild.
• Submit your stickers for review and start selling them all from your phone.

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If you run into any trouble with the app, please contact us using the form below.
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