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Uploaded October 14, 2017 at 7:03PM UTC by Artem Russakovskii

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Minor updates.
Improved widget resizing.

Track and view current weather conditions and forecasts anywhere in the world. Weather Widget's contemporary cool sleek high tech design makes getting your weather info quick and easy.


Weather Conditions: View Current Weather conditions including Wind Speed, Wind Chill, Visibility, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind Direction, Current Temperature, Day's Hi temperature, Day's low Temperature, Sunrise Time, and Sunset Time.

Geolocation: Enable geolocation in the preference menu and weather automatically tracks and updates when you traveling between cities or destinations, or you can set location manually to monitor a specific local

Forecasts: Depending on the weather provider selection, user can view 5 or 10 day forecasts

Sun & Moon:The weather widget provides sunrise and sunset times according to city time zones making it easy to track daily sunrise and sunset times

Notifications: Current weather conditions are viewable in text format and via quick glance weather icons

Appearance (Customizable) :
Size: Weather widget is Resizable to fit any screen
Weather icon set: The Weather Geek Widget is preloaded with Weather Geeks famous weather icons. An option is also available to download additional weather icons from the google play store.
Color: Color palette available. User can select and adjust weather widget dial and line colors.
Background: Transparent

Units: Metric or Imperial
Temperature: Fahrenheit (°F), Celsius (°C)
Wind Units: Kilometers per hour (km/h), Miles per hour (mph),
Pressure Units: Millibars (mb), Inches of Mercury (in),
Distance Units:Kilometers(km), Miles (mi)

Languages: English (US), Russian, Espanol, Deutsche, and more added daily. Additional languages will be added upon request. Just email us.

Instructions, Notes, & Tips:
1. To add the Weather widget on the Home screen, go to your widget folder (press and hold the home screen). Then select the widget by holding the widget icon, then drag and drop onto the Home screen.

2. If widget does not appear on Home screen on the First Install:
a. All widgets, including this one, must be installed in internal phone memory (not the SD card). If widget does not appear in widget list after downloading: your phone's 'installed app settings' (which includes widgets) is set to SD card, and the widget will not appear in the widget list. The solution here is to Go to Settings->Apps->WeatherGeek. Then "move to phone". This will move the widget app to your phone's internal memory and you can see the widget in your widget list
b. Ensure GPS is On or wifi connection is available.
c. Try to resize widget to largest size on Home screen until view observed. After that widget can be resized to any view.

3. Ensure that you are connected to WiFi or a mobile data network when using Weather Geek. Enable your device’s location-detection (GPS) feature to receive the local weather information.

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Let's make Weather Geek your weather widget today!

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