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• Inspect layout block
• Interact block got XPath expression input argument, replacing UI element class/text/id
• Dialog confirm and Dialog message blocks got Linkify input argument
• Gmail/E-mail send and Compose e-mail blocks now support multiple attachments
• xpathEncode function
• Various bug fixes

Create flowcharts that make your device perform tasks automatically. Easy to understand automation, just add blocks, and connect them.

Automate your daily or repetitive tasks, for example:
• send an SMS or e-mail when reaching a GPS location (geofencing);
• toggle Wi-Fi hotspot or Bluetooth at a specific time of day;
• upload files to Google Drive or an FTP server with a single click on a home screen shortcut or Quick Settings tile;
• scan an NFC tag to turn on Do-Not-Disturb;
• change audio volume or screen brightness when opening an app; or
• download and display some online content as a notification every morning.

Almost every feature of your device can be automated using the 350+ building blocks included, and if that’s not enough, Locale/Tasker plug-ins are also supported:

Creating device automation “flows” is as simple as adding and connecting blocks, novices can then configure them with predefined options, while experienced users may use expressions, variables and functions. Or, just download ready-made “flows” that other users have shared through the in-app community:


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