Time for dates! The latest Date Map improvements make it easier to use the map and go back to your current location.
This update will increase interaction levels on Live: Interactive surveys are now available for streams! Ask the community questions with response options and collect sparkling diamonds.

Dive into the world of LOVOO: Interesting people, exciting dates, and – with a bit of luck – love all await you.

35 million matches and 250 million messages a month speak for themselves.
Not only does LOVOO help you with dating and flirting, it also guides you on your search for something more serious. Find matches, enjoy the excitement of flirting, meet new people and find love on our dating app. With LOVOO by your side, you are always in good company.

Are you ready for the most fun you’ve ever had?

How to look for a partner using the LOVOO chat app:

❤️ Create your dating profile .
Upload your best pictures and reveal more about yourself on your single profile. Show your funniest, most interesting and private side to attract potential dates and make them notice you.

❤️ Find singles near you.
Check the radar to see which singles are close by, and who knows... maybe it will lead to a spontaneous meeting and romantic moments.

❤️ A playful path to the first date.
Play Match and get flirting right away or plan a date.

❤️ Demonstrate your flirting skills with the icebreaker.
Break the ice with the icebreaker and increase chances of a date by 70%.

❤️ Get started.
Find out who likes you and start looking for your special someone.

More LOVOO, More Dating with Premium
Our Premium version makes it even easier for you to find a partner.
✅ Find people again. The likes you give are saved with LOVOO Premium.
✅ Chat to new people and increase your chances of getting a response.
✅ See who has visited your profile and start chatting.
✅ Have your profile displayed more often in Match so that people notice you.
✅ Swipe right in Match as often as you like or take back votes.
✅ Send up to three chat requests a day – even without a match.
✅ Prefer to stay anonymous? No problem! Simply hide your profile visits.
✅ Enjoy LOVOO completely ad-free.

It’s time to fall in love, don’t you think? Get started on LOVOO!

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February 3, 2023
Android 7.0+
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