(*) Enhanced Junction view for a better navigation experience.
(*) Quick access to the MapmyIndia Pin from the home page.
(*) Implementation of Earth Observation Data to provide more accurate maps and navigation.
(*) Introducing alerts with video feeds on the online vehicle live surveillance for added safety.
(*) New EV charging filter added to the What & Where search to make it easier to find electric vehicle charging stations.

We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements.

Find and navigate with step-by-step voice-guided directions to the doorsteps destination with live traffic updates, ETA along your route easily using Mappls App. Also, a very unique feature of Mappls is a digital address and location identity system, Mappls ID.

Mappls is powered by India's best maps from our company, MapmyIndia. In addition, Mappls offers detailed maps for the entire world, covering about 200 countries. Professionally mapped terrain with attribute rich road network with advanced information like multiple names, road classification one-ways, turn restrictions, divider, service lanes, roundabouts, flyovers, tolls, slip roads, ramps and much more.

Move faster with real-time updates
• Avoid the traffic with real-time updates along with ETA
• Exhaustive house level map search
• Accurate Voice Navigation to Destination's Doorsteps
• Get safety alerts like speed breakers, Potholes, Traffic cameras, Accident prone areas while navigating.
• 3D photo Realistic Junction views which avoid confusion at complex junctions and flyovers.

Explore nearby places with ease
• Discover restaurants, malls, events etc. near you
• Find directions to places near you with such as Banks, Pubs, Coffee, Parking, Pharma, Restaurants etc using Augmented Reality
• Create trails of your favorite places and share them with friends
• Stay up to date with a live feed of reports, reviews & check-ins with World View
• Discover what others have to say about the amazing places around your locality. Add your own reviews on top of that and become a neighborhood expert.

More experiences on Mappls App
• Live Location Sharing with Loved Ones for Safety & Peace of Mind.
• Be a good Samaritan and make a difference by reporting issues like map, traffic, and smart city issues such as garbage dumps, faulty street lights, potholes, water logging, etc.
• GPS Tracking & Safety of Your Vehicles and loved ones with Mappls IoT Devices.
• A simplified six-character location code for complex address- Mappls ID.

Install Mappls App powered by MapmyIndia for Maps, Navigation, Tracking, and Live Traffic Updates

Please help us improve our app. Give feedback- feedback@mappls.com
Learn more: about.mappls.com/app

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January 28, 2023
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February 4, 2023
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