Upgrade to the #1 keyboard designed for your safe and private typing for free!

McAfee Safe Keyboard, the first mobile keyboard designed to give you back your right to privacy and security. No matter which app you’re in, McAfee Safe Keyboard protects everything you type to keep your data top secret.

Ever felt like someone is reading over your shoulder when you use your keyboard? When you type sensitive info such as passwords, bank account info, social security numbers... is it all safe? Did you know many applications send the information you type to the cloud? Are you losing privacy? Do you want your data to be secret?

Safe Keyboard is the one you need. Enjoy a convenient typing experience including text prediction, auto correction, emoji and more, plus the security and privacy features to keep you safe.

Want even more privacy? Switch to Incognito mode and type worry-free — nothing is tracked, keep it secret. Worried about entering your PIN? No need. McAfee Safe Keyboard knows if you’re unprotected and scrambles your number pad so nobody can guess your passcode or PIN.

Someone snooping on you? Don’t worry. Activate the Privacy Filter so only you can see your screen when you are typing in Incognito Mode. Nobody sitting next to you will be able to see your screen while you type!

With McAfee Safe Keyboard, you get these protection features:
✔ Proactive Protection: Sensitive content detection automatically spots — and protects — your privacy, by helping you switch to Incognito Mode in the right moment
✔ Incognito Mode: Protect what you type by turning off tracking and text prediction in your keyboard, making your typing experience super secure and private
✔ Password entry protection: Safe Keyboard automatically detects when you are entering a password and activates the Incognito Mode to boost the security measures, protecting your sensitive information
✔ Secure Keypad: Scramble your number pad so nobody can guess your passcode or PIN
✔ Privacy Filter: Keep what’s on your screen secret so only you can see it. When the privacy filter is active, nobody will be able to see your device screen from a side when you are typing in Incognito Mode!

And even more!
✔ Word correction, prediction, suggestions and dictionary
✔ Theme selection: customize your keyboard with your favorite theme color
✔ Voice Input: speech to text for your convenience
✔ Emoji: enjoy all the emoticons you need to customize your messages, without losing privacy and security
✔ Typing experience customization (haptic feedback, key sound, key preview, etc.) and convenience (double space to period, auto-capitalization, etc.)

👍 Privacy
McAfee Safe Keyboard does not collect any personal data. Even more, McAfee Safe Keyboard protects your privacy by preventing others from stealing your information. With McAfee Safe Keyboard, experience the privacy and peace of mind that comes from private, secret and safe typing.

We’d love to hear from you, what you like the most and how we can improve. Suggestions? Feedback? Need any help or support? Feel free to get in touch: mcafeeinnovations@gmail.com

From version McAfee Safe Keyboard │ Privacy 1.68:

- New! Portuguese Language
- New! Keyboard size adjustment
- New! Auto correction aggressiveness adjustment
- Message Protection improved performance
- Minor bug fixing & improvements

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