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On the ‘Discover’ page you can now find collections. Per theme you can find meditations, music tracks, programs and articles here. Some collections have remained the same and we have added several new ones.
We’ve also updated the search bar, so you can easily find all of our content.

Sleep better. Stress less. Focus more. Meditation Moments is the meditation and mindfulness app for a peaceful state of mind. Use the meditations to release stress and deal with fear, anger and sadness. Choose from 200+ guided meditations, breathing exercises and relaxing music to sleep more, relax, reduce stress and amplify your focus, awareness and concentration.

200+ guided meditations

Meditation Moments is known by its guided meditations for any moment, any day. In this mindfulness app you can listen to guided meditations by the renowned meditation master Michael Pilarczyk and other teachers. Whether you’re an advanced user or a complete beginner, Meditation Moments will transform your life for the better. Meditations are available in lengths of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 or 45 minutes, so there’s always a perfect one to suit your schedule and needs.

Relaxing & focus music

Also available in this app: (long) music tracks that can be used as background music during yoga, meditation or to help you sleep. All music is exclusive and specially composed by our team in our own studio. Including sound healing music and focus music like binaural beats. Binaural beats are perfect for boosting your concentration, focus and productivity to get more things done.

What you’ll get:

- 200+ guided meditations
- 3-minute meditations for quick results
- Music to help you sleep, relax or focus
- Binaural beats for focus and productivity
- Relaxing piano music
- White noise to sleep better
- Visualization meditations
- Affirmations for more positive energy
- Breathing exercises
- Nature sounds: rain forest, ocean waves, forest walk and more

To keep it organized we have divided our meditations into moments: Morning, Evening, Soul Food, Peace of Mind, Affirmations, Inner Wisdom.

This app includes guided meditations for:
- Better sleep
- Less stress
- More focus and concentration
- Peace of mind
- Managing anxiety
- Gratitude
- Walking meditation
- Happiness
- Personal development
- Healing
- Mindfulness at work
- Self-esteem
- Self-awareness
- Body-scan
- Higher consciousness
- Releasing emotions
- Sleep sounds

Pricing and terms

Meditation Moments offers an automatic continuous subscription with which you become a premium member: € 49.99 per year.

With a Meditation Moments premium account you get access to all premium content. This includes all premium meditations, premium audio tracks, music (including binaural beats), and audiobooks.

Questions, comments or bugs? Send an email to:

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