In v1.9.11, Cortana has learned a few new skills and improved her performance and stability:
- Quick start guide: you can access an easy handbook of what Cortana can do for you on Cortana's home
- Fixed the reminder triggering issue due to DST
"It isn't often that Microsoft beats Apple and Google to the punch, especially when it comes to something as cool and sophisticated as virtual assistants but, with Cortana, Redmond has done just that." - Techradar

Cortana is a personal assistant that helps you keep track of your commitments, and be on top of things.

Get things done. Ask Cortana to make an appointment, send an email, open an app, or help find what you’re looking for.

Reminders. Set a reminder to pick up milk on the way home while you’re on your PC at work, and Cortana will give you the heads up on your phone when you’re on the road – easily access tracking packages, flights, sport scores, and more.

Cortana works across devices. Pick up where you left off. Get notifications and quickly reply missed calls from any of your personal or work devices.

Ask Cortana. Get information and answers to all kinds of questions. If you’re looking for it, Cortana can help find it right away.

Start the conversation. Talk to Cortana to get things done. Cortana can help you find information and answers to what you’re looking for.
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