Now when you share files stored on OneDrive or SharePoint, Outlook will replace long and unfathomable links with the file name and icon so your emails are as clear and tidy as can be.

Stay connected and protected with Microsoft Outlook, the secure email app. Access your email, files and calendar with all in one place, helping you stay productive with whatever hits your inbox, whether it's work, school or your personal files. Organize your email intelligently, with filters for everything and spam email protection. Organize your day with a task organizer and calendar reminders. Keep in touch with anyone you need with the intelligent inbox that can do it all.

Outlook works with Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365,, Gmail and Yahoo Mail, giving you flexibility to stay connected on the go. Manage your email and send documents from your Files list or photos from your Gallery.

Stay protected from phishing and spam with Outlook’s secure and seamless inbox management. Whether your Gmail inbox needs extra security or your Yahoo Mail needs more organization, Microsoft Outlook has you covered. Connect with Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx and other video calling providers for any meeting on the go.

Organize your email with tags, folders and more. Listen to what’s new in your inbox, organize schedules and more. Find what you need with Search with a tap or your voice.


Email, Contacts & Files – All In One Place
• Inbox access to everything you need in one app including other email providers. Manage your Gmail inbox and others with Outlook
• Access files right from your inbox, with connected experiences with Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote. Access locally in Outlook, or on OneDrive or other cloud storage
• Organize your email with tags, folders & more. Easily filter out unwanted spam email
• Check messages from email clients like Gmail and Yahoo Mail online from your phone

Security & Privacy - Email Management & Spam Email Protection
• Microsoft Outlook protects your files, emails and information with security you can trust
• Secure Email App: Built-in protection against viruses, phishing & spam email
• Spam email detection sends all potential threats to a separate folder.
• Microsoft security & privacy keeps your email, calendar, contacts & files safe

Planning & Calendar Management
• Calendar organizer to help you schedule your day
• Create and join your online video calls from Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans & Webex
• RSVP to invites from your inbox & send personalized comments
• Keep your weekly calendar and daily tasks organized with Outlook

Task Organizer & Productivity Solutions - Intelligence Everywhere
• Email organizer groups same subject emails & conversations for easier tracking
• Use your voice to find people, contacts, emails, events & attachments with Search
• Use suggested replies to respond quickly
• Listen to emails with Play My Emails & catch up hands-free
• Calendar automatically updates with travel & delivery information

Microsoft Outlook is compatible with:
• Microsoft Exchange
• Microsoft 365
• Gmail
• Yahoo Mail
• AOL Mail

Management for contacts, email, work schedule, files & more with Microsoft Outlook.

See your emails and events at a glance with the Outlook companion app for Wear OS

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4.2240.1 APK
October 21, 2022
Android 8.0+
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