• Added armv7 support
  • Fixed crashes on Android 10
  • Fixed an issue where some tracks were not showing up in the track list or in the track count (US database is actually 69k tracks, not 53k)
  • Added an option to change the lockscreen overlay text colour
  • The lockscreen overlay text now has a slight shadow, improving visibility
  • Added caching for updates, which should prevent rate-limit issues. You can force an update check (ignoring cache) by swiping to refresh.
  • Enabled landscape orientation
  • Fixed background crashes in Now Playing, which may help download issues.
  • Improved Magisk On Demand module overlay installing, which may fix bootloops on some devices

Note: Due to issues with the backend database update system, there have been two database updates in the last two days. This is now fixed, and future updates will be timely rather than all at once. Apologies for any inconvenience.


This release does not have a Play Store Description, so we grabbed one from version 2.0.2:

Ambient Music Mod Banner

Ambient Music Mod | Now Playing

Ambient Music Mod is a Shizuku or root app that ports Now Playing from Pixels to other Android devices.


  • Android device running Android 9.0 or above (11+ recommended). ARM64 is currently required.
  • Shizuku (Android 12+) or root access (Android 9+).
    • Shizuku does not require root, instead needing an ADB command to be run every reboot.


  • Full Now Playing support, based on the latest version from Pixel devices and the latest music databases
  • Automatic Ambient Music recognition, with settings to control how often recognition runs - finding the right balance between battery usage and convenience
  • Now Playing History and Favourites support
  • Support to trigger recognitions manually, including a homescreen widget
  • On Demand recognition on supported devices, using the Google Assistant-backed recognition engine for songs that are not in the local database (must be triggered manually)
  • Show Now Playing songs on the lock screen (accessibility service required)
  • View the full track list of recognisable songs, and change the database location if your taste does not match your device's locale




Download the latest APK from the Releases page and install it. Ambient Music Mod will download and install the latest Now Playing APK for you as part of the setup process.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ before opening an issue or replying to the XDA thread.


Note: If you are building Ambient Music Mod yourself, you must also build Now Playing, since the signatures have to match for security reasons.

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Create a local.properties file in the root of the project, and set it up:
sdk.dir=<path to your Android SDK>
storeFile=<path to your keystore>
keyAlias=<keystore alias>
storePassword=<keystore password>
keyPassword=<key password>
  1. Open the project in Android Studio
  2. Set the Build Variant to release
  3. Run and install a build of app as normal

Building the Magisk Overlay Module

  1. Open the project in Android Studio
  2. Run the :ondemandoverlay:buildOverlay task. A module zip will be built and placed in ondemandoverlay/build/module.


This repository contains a local version of google/private-compute-services (Apache 2.0 licence)

Read More

Read more, including about how Now Playing works and how it protects your privacy here

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2.0.3 APK
June 27, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 9.0+
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