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- Cleanbot: When you set up the Cleanbot for reading comments, CleanBot automatically detects and hides inappropriate comments /containing insulting words as well as offensive language.
- When the creator uses or disables the comments, the content reflects the settings.
- In case of [Patrons only] live, the live is available only to those who donate.

You can enjoy viewing of sports, performances, lectures streaming live. In addition, you can watch Korean web dramas and variety shows offered as "Naver TV originals".

- For you: Shows personalized videos based on your taste by using AI tech
- Popular: The latest news in the channels you're subscribed to
- Subscriptions: Live streaming videos of various content such as sports, games, entertainment, news, and so on
- Notifications: you can easily check comments, replies and agreement on a video.
- Popup Player: A floating player allowing you to browse other content while watching a video and to watch Naver TV videos whiling using other apps

If you have any problem with Naver TV, go to [Settings > Inquiries and Report].

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September 1, 2020
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