What's new in Neko

2.16.0 A Real new App.
Existing users this version is a new app install please make a backup and read the onboarding.
Also see: #1684

🥳 New

  • updated App id and reset internal version code
  • Add onboarding screen
  • Switch to unified storage for downloads, page saves, cover saves, and backups

🏗️ Changes

  • Target android sdk 34
  • Remove V5 Migration, if you still need this you need help.
  • Remove option to buy stuff from MangaDex cause loot.moe doesn't exist anymore
  • Library Updating now binds the existing MD track if it exists
  • Enable auto back up by default, always auto backup up to 6 files.
  • Remove unfollowed track status for smart update, it causes more issues then worth
  • Update AniList Rate limit
  • Update mapping file for similar

🐜 Fixes

  • Add back monochrome icon
  • use the new icon color for the notification, and allow debug build to use its own
  • Question mark on string joins, that were caused by ktfmt
  • Smart Update based on Tracking being opposite
  • Smart updates plan to read and completed not being unique
  • Don't try to update mdlist track when not logged in
  • Update MAL auth logic
  • Make the queue download chapter work faster
  • Make download cache work with Unified storage

🛠️ Other

  • run more ktfmt
  • Adding Type-safe project accessors (#194) (@theolm)
  • Convert follows sync to Job.
  • rename TrackSyncService to TrackSyncProcessor
  • change deprecated buildDir for gradle
  • change variable name in app update checker
  • Remove duplicate permissions
  • Remove KAHelpers
  • rename string from app_name_neko -> app_name
  • use material motion that matches compose 1.6
  • use material 3 about Libraries
  • Try to show actual path in invalid location downloader notification
  • update UniFile Library
  • Switch to StorageManager class
  • Update lowply/auto-closer action to v0.0.6 (#1664) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update dependency androidx.webkit:webkit to v1.10.0 (#1668) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update styfle/cancel-workflow-action action to v0.12.1 (#1676) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update eskatos/gradle-command-action action to v2.12.0 (#1670) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update dependency com.ncorti.ktfmt.gradle to v0.17.0 (#1679) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update gradle/wrapper-validation-action action to v2 (#1681) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update eskatos/gradle-command-action action to v3 (#1678) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update compose.version to v1.6.0 (#1666) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update dependency androidx.compose.material:material to v1.6.0 (#1667) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update dependency io.github.fornewid:material-motion-compose-core to v1.2.0 (#1686) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update to compose material 1.2.0_rc1
  • Update accompanist.version to v0.34.0 (#1669) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update dependency gradle to v8.6 (#1685) (@renovate[bot])

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2.16.0 APK
February 6, 2024
Android 7.0+
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February 7, 2024


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February 6, 2024


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